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and today i threw up a mushroom

Heard mario was throwing one of his parties.

when I asked about my invite he said “Oh sorry waluigi, there’s not an option for you to party with us this time. It’s just a party for the regular crew. You know how it is.”

I was so shocked. The regular crew? Fucking donkey kong should not be considered part of that. He’s a fat ape! I’m so pissed right now you don’t even know.

I mean honestly I probably wouldn’t have went to the party anyway, but still an invite would’ve been nice. 

Waaaah. I bet tomorrow luigi is going to be rubbing it in mah face.

Daisy saw me throw up.

I have a feeling that fat bitch is going to tell everyone. I can’t go to a mario party knowing that everyone knows my secret.

So I decided to pay her off. bitches love money.

I beat mario in tennis one time.

he told me since i won it was only right that he takes me out to eat and pays for my meal. 

i think he knows i’ll just throw it up later. I declined his offer. I know a trick when I see one.

Last night I had a nightmare that I was a street frighter.

god i looked so fat. I woke up crying.

Today was a good day for weegi.

I threw up a mushroom. so today’s totally calorie intake in back at 0. 

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

this way of eating is making me feel tired all the time. but damn do i look good.